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Megan Ferguson

Energy Therapy & Healing

Session Information

      Information for clients who have booked their first Introductory Session with Megan 


  • In advance of your first session with Megan you will be asked to listen to the binaural sound track links which will be emailed to you in advance.  Please find a comfortable, quiet location - usually a bedroom or study area - where you can sit or lie down and spend a few undisturbed minutes listening to a small section of each track – you should then choose the sound track that ‘resonates’ with you the most, the one you are most drawn to. Usually there will be one that stands out to you so the choice becomes easy. This is the sound track you will listen to for the duration of your sessions with Megan. Please then let us know your choice and we will have your selected sound track ready for your session.


  • On arrival and after a short consultation with Megan regarding the issues you would like to address during the session, you will be asked to lie on the therapy bed ensuring you are comfortable. You will put on the headphones provided and for a few minutes you will just listen to the sound track you have pre-selected whilst beginning to relax, taking normal, even breaths and letting your thoughts flow freely along with the music - or equally - many clients find their 'happy place' to go to!


  • Megan will then sit at the side of the therapy bed and place her hands on your chest or solar plexus area. She will begin the process of running balanced energy to you. This will continue without a break for 20 minutes, there will then be a 5 minutes relaxation period to drink some energized water provided by Megan and discuss with her anything you may have experienced during that section of the session, after which the process will be repeated twice more.


  • Megan’s energy therapy and healing sessions frequently result in the patient experiencing involuntary physiological reactions. These vary in type and intensity and although initially a little disconcerting, they are not unpleasant and are simply indicative of a change in the patient's core energy. It is important that during the session the patient does not attempt to control these reactions as it is imperative to the success of the healing that the patient relaxes and allows the body to react naturally. Please note that a lack of any physical reaction during the session does not mean that healing and balance are not taking place, in fact many of Megan’s most successful treatments have not produced any notable physical reactions during the actual session.


  • It is imperative that after completing the first Introductory Sessions you take at least a 10-minute period to stay on the therapy bed, listening to the sound track and relaxing. Please do not jump off the bed and throw yourself into a frenzy of activity immediately after these sessions, it is truly counter-productive. 


  • Depending on the issues being dealt with, after this first Introductory Session, shorter Standard or Distance Sessions are available. Frequency of session depends on the condition being treated; with many acute issues the three-part Introductory Session is all that is required to help control pain etc. however when treating chronic conditions, MS, arthritis, rheumatism, long term joint or back pain, chemotherapy symptoms, ME, eczema, psoriasis, digestion issues, depression, high or low blood pressure etc., Megan has found that regular ‘maintenance sessions’ are recommended.


  • Frequently Megan's patients will experience the effects of an ‘energy purge’ after the Introductory Session and can feel unwell or 'emotional' which can manifest as quite intense anger or sadness ~ or may just give a general feeling of being a bit ‘low’; others can feel euphoric, light-headed and experience uncontrollable laughter along with short spurts of intense energy. These effects can last from a few minutes/hours to several days. Experiencing an energy purge is a positive thing as it is indicative of a very successful healing session. 


  • It is important that you drink plenty of water in the hours following each session.


  • The healing process is frequently evident almost immediately however depending on the issue being treated and on each individual client, the healing may not happen instantaneously for everyone. Patients can expect gradual changes to occur for up to two months after their treatments, as the body continues to find it’s natural self-healing balance.


  • It is important to understand that in some rare cases the healing sessions may make no discernible difference to the patient’s condition. As with many gifted healers, Megan has no way of knowing why some sessions are more successful than others - she continues to study and consult with internationally recognized healers, researching this and the many other unanswered questions connected to energy therapy and healing.


  • Please do not drink alcohol or use any type of recreational drug before attending a session.


  • Food should ideally be consumed after a treatment, rather than before.


  • It is advised not to undergo acupuncture, osteopathy or similar forms of manipulative massage or energy treatments during a course of treatment with Megan.

  • Regrettably Megan cannot treat patients who have a pacemaker or other implanted electrical devices.

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