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How Does Distance Healing Work?

An extensive part of what I do involves working on my clients at a distance, simply because many are geographically unable to attend face-to-face sessions. I began to develop the ‘distance sessions’ soon after I began working professionally as a healer, having realised that there were a lot of people requesting my help who couldn’t reach me quickly enough to make a difference in an emergency situation or who lived too far away to make travelling for a ‘hands-on’ session a practical solution.

One of the most frequently asked questions about my distance sessions is,

‘How does it work?’

My usual response is that in all honesty I am not entirely sure. All I can say is that I personally believe the answer lies within the field of science. Having said that, I admit to being the least scientifically inclined person and in general day-to-day terms I simply accept that I have 'a gift'.

Practically speaking I certainly understood from my first teacher, Margaret, that everything surrounding us and that we are made up of is not ‘solid mass’ and that everything in the universe is actually in constant motion, vibrating at levels that give us the impression of solidity. Certainly it has been well-documented that our body’s vibrational levels are directly affected by our mental, emotional and physiological condition and the healthier and more energetically balanced we are, the higher our vibrational frequency is likely to be.

When I work on a client I am able to channel very high level vibrational energy to the them, raising their own vibrational levels and in turn allowing their body to begin to heal itself.

There have been some fascinating studies and extensive ongoing research into the use of various types of energy channeling – both at a distance and in person – to promote healing in hospital patients, plant growth, crop yields etc all with very interesting results. Recent discoveries in the world of quantum physics are truly exciting, possibly pointing to the beginning of an explanation of why I, and others like me, are able to do what we do with real quantifiable results - even when there are hundreds or even thousands of kilometers between patient and healer.

One developing theory is that perhaps it is actually the empty space between protons and electrons which holds answers; that this space is far more important than was previously thought and it is at this sub-atomic level that everything throughout the entire universe is actually connected.

Is what I am able to do related to some type of quantum entanglement, a process which Einstein labelled ‘spooky action at a distance’? Perhaps. But what do I know I’m not a quantum physicist, however I do know one!! Her view is that there is not enough known by present day science to make this kind of qualified judgment. I guess she basically means we just aren’t smart enough yet! She did also say that modern-day physicists are still at ‘the caveman stage’ of discovery in the world of quantum physics, that there is literally a universe to discover and understand. I’m happy to accept that and wait with an open mind until we know more! You are welcome to join me!

So – back to that question, how do I work with my clients ‘at a distance’? I just don’t know; what I do know is that it works. Is it based in science? I believe it probably is, just as I believe that many things derided as ‘New Age’, ‘Spiritual’ or ‘Esoteric’ should be given more respect and not summarily dismissed. Perhaps as mankind evolves we will find that the things previously scoffed at are in actuality all based in the science of our universe; perhaps the perceived chasm that has separated the worlds of science and spirituality is instead just a thin veil, that the two are inextricably linked by a universal energy - with each side yet to be fully understood.

Until the next time,

Megan xx




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