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Megan Ferguson

Energy Therapy & Healing


'She's like a little angel'

Megan is treating me for the side-effects of my cancer treatment. After my weekly sessions with her I cope better with the nausea and tiredness and I often feel like eating a bit more than I usually do after chemo. The doctors are happy with my progress so far and I’m fighting to win and I know I can do it best with Megan on my team. She’s like a little gentle angel who comes to visit each week, she always arrives with a smile and just having her sit next to me makes me feel peaceful and relaxed. I am lucky to have found her and my family and I are eternally grateful for her kindness and patience.

Mr A. Rushford ~ St Tropez

'Unblocking my energies'

I booked 3 sessions with Megan after she worked on a student in my yoga class for some anxiety issues. I'd been struggling with my all-round energy levels and approach to life. Something was 'out of whack'. I can only describe the session as almost 'out of body', yet I was still fully mindful of what I was feeling physically. Mixed sensations, incredible heaviness in different parts of my body and then a sudden feeling of lightness and opening up - I'm convinced I was feeling my chakra's unblocking, seeing bright colors, a feeling of floating at times and warm and cold moving up my body. At the end I felt relaxed and a bit light-headed. All that was several weeks ago and I'm certainly back to my normal active self and enjoying each day, instead of dragging myself through wondering what the point is, and if I need another 'systems reboot' at any time I'll be right back to see Megan.

Stevie Richmond, Monaco

Terraformed Moon from Earth or Exo Solar

'Thank You Megan'!

I was hit one day at work with crippling shin splint and sciatic nerve/lower back pain so I hobbled off to the nearest physio and GP who both told me that it would likely be several weeks before I would be fit enough to return to work. Disappointed and having never taken a sick day in my life I quickly started looking around for alternative treatment options.

A former colleague had talked a while back about an impressive young healer who was apparently ‘able to work miracles’ and after calling and speaking with her, I managed to get a booking for some of Megan’s distance healing sessions.

I was really relaxed after the first session – I noticed my level of pain was a little lower, I also had the physical sensation of being wrapped in warmth as if I was cocooned in a fluffy blanket and that night I slept more deeply than I have in years. Following the second session twenty-four hours later I was really quite sick with agonising, ‘bone-deep’ pain in my back, hips, upper legs and shin …….along with the addition of a fairly large swelling which had appeared on one ankle. At my worst point that day I seriously considered getting myself to the nearest emergency room but Megan had warned me this energy purge thing might happen so I crawled back into bed instead and finally fell asleep feeling depressed, drained and thoroughly miserable.

What I experienced the following morning I can only describe as extraordinary. When I woke up I quickly realised that ALL pain and swelling had disappeared, I could walk, turn, climb stairs, lift, bend and straighten etc. etc., all completely pain-free!!

With two 20-minute distance healing sessions Megan was able to eradicate physical problems which, according to both medical professionals I consulted, were pretty serious issues and would take weeks (or possibly months) to fully alleviate!

V. Sabre - Provence, France

Terraformed Moon from Earth or Exo Solar

Relax and enjoy!

What to say about Megan and the work she does? I have been suffering from insomnia for almost three decades and recently found out that I have malformed cartilage in my nose which was contributing to my sleep problems. I would wake up every 20-30 minutes and having been able to breath only through my mouth I was always 'dry as dust' and was drinking at least 2 litres of water every night - leading to frequent nightly ‘bathroom breaks - so between that and the insomnia I hadn't had a good nights sleep in almost 30 years! Since Megan started treating me I now sleep through the night, needless to say it has had a huge impact on my daily life.

I have also suffered with severe lower back pain having worked in the catering business for many years. Megan started treating that last summer and the results were pretty immediate -and amazing. One side-effect was that during the course of the sessions I experienced what I know now is called an ‘energy purge’ which left me feeling very tired and drained for a few days. Once that passed, the healing on my back was evident. I have had no problems whatsoever with it since then and I no longer have to go to my 'kine' once a week.

I get quite a lot of physical reactions during the sessions (both the face to face ones and the distance healings) but there is nothing uncomfortable about them. The funny thing is that right before I have a physical reaction, I can feel where it will “hit” so there is no surprise when one of my arms or legs starts to lift up, twitch or spasm. I am always ultra-relaxed after each session with a great feeling of balance. I do prefer to have my sessions towards the end of the day so that I can just relax and enjoy the feeling for the rest of the night.

P. Johnson, French Riviera

Terraformed Moon from Earth or Exo Solar

Fighting off ME

Megan’s treatments were nothing short of astonishing. I had suffered previously with extended ME, thankfully I’d been free of it for several years but for the past month or so I'd been getting all the horrid familiar symptoms, no energy, depressed, hardly able to open my eyes or get out of bed and my body all aches and pains.

I wasn't keen on having anything except face to face sessions as I’d tried ‘distance’ sessions with a UK healer a few years ago and they didn’t do anything for me but as Megan was pretty booked up and was working about 1.5hrs drive away that week, I decided to try some of her distance sessions. I was feeling so low that I thought something might be better than nothing while I waited to get a face to face session. Almost as soon as the first session started, lying on my bed, I had what felt like little electrodes firing off on the bottom of my feet, really odd feeling but the whole thing was still very relaxing and at the end of the session I felt a lot better. The next afternoon I started to feel really low again but apparently this is quite normal. I have now had four treatments in the space of 5 days and I have so much energy it’s extraordinary. It’s like having the energy of someone 20 years younger. Plus she has cleared a lot of emotional baggage for me too and I am feeling focused, more balanced and much less emotional and reactive. I can really highly recommend Megan. She has a very special gift.

Thank you Megan:-)

Janine F. Antibes, France

Helping a teen with depression

I heard about Megan and asked her to work on my teenage daughter who had been diagnosed with depression and who had ended up in the hospital as she was self-harming. For months I’d had to watch while she became a sort of shell of who she used to be. Megan did three sessions in 2 hours and she said that until she could come back and work on our apartment it was best if my daughter did not sleep in her own bedroom because she had a feeling that the energy in our home and especially in her bedroom was a part of the problem. She also suggested trying an over the counter homeopathic treatment which my daughter has now been taking for the past 2 weeks. After only a few days the difference was really noticeable and when Megan came over 10 days later to work on our home, my daughter was sociable and connected and a whole lot closer to being back to who she used to be. No idea how this stuff works but the only conclusion I can come to is that a mixture of the sessions, Megan’s work on our home and the homeopathic pills have helped my girl when she desperately needed it. We are so grateful that she rearranged her schedule and came at short notice to help us out.

D.S.  Cannes. France

Terraformed Moon from Earth or Exo Solar

Wellness/Yoga retreat - 'Will definitely use Megan again'!

I'm the owner of Fit & Fly Girl, which hosts women's fitness, wellness, and cultural retreats in locations around the world. Each year, we host a retreat in the French Riviera. A client of Megan's highly recommended including her energy healing sessions as part of our retreat this year. After mentioning Megan's energy healing to our guests, several of them decided to book sessions with her. After undergoing energy healing sessions, the women were thrilled, having both physical and emotional experiences during the sessions and feeling like they had negative energy cleared. I also had an energy healing session with Megan, and I also experienced an overwhelming physical sensation as well as feeling extremely calm and centered afterward. I will definitely use Megan again - both personally and to recommend to our guests on future retreats!

Rebecca Garland. Fit & Fly USA

Really worthwhile experience

We run a small wellness group in Tuscany for men and women ‘of a certain age’ who are interested in general well-being, organic nutrition and learning tai-chi and yoga. A friend of a friend told us about a young lady in France who was apparently amazing with chakra balancing, unblocking energy centres and improving or healing various ailments. We had rented a villa close to St Tropez for a one week break/retreat for our members and decided to see if she was free for sessions. What an experience, we all got different things out of our sessions, our tai-chi teacher had the strongest physical reactions during his actual sessions with arms raising into the air, head going backwards and hands shaking, he said afterwards he felt very centred and focused with masses of energy. Our yoga teacher saw intensely vivid colours and felt very relaxed and peaceful and said she felt her energy flow was free-er. One of our gentlemen who suffers with arthritis in his hands hasn’t had to take any anti-inflammatories since his sessions and another lady who has had frequent panic attacks for several years has not had a single episode since her sessions with Megan. We are booking in Croatia next year and I’m hoping Megan will be willing to come with us for a few days.

Andrew Parsons, Tuscany, Italy

Terraformed Moon from Earth or Exo Solar

'So very grateful'

We contacted Megan because our young daughter had gone through three very traumatic surgeries on her leg, as a result of this she was bed-bound for 5-6 months with the doctors telling us is it would be another 6 months for her to regain full function in her leg. It has all been physically and mentally challenging for a teenage girl to experience and having heard about Megan we asked her to visit our home and do some sessions to see if she could help. In the beginning we were certainly quite sceptical but after only a few sessions my daughter’s leg really improved and, although she is not yet 100% recovered, it is safe to say that Megan has helped her to now walk normally. We are very grateful for Megan and her amazing presence.

Mme. J.F ~ Monaco

It worked for me!

Chronic shoulder pain and headaches, now gone. Since a course of sessions with Megan I've not pain for the first time in maybe 18 months. Happy to recommend her to anyone who wants to try different kind of treatment. You won’t regret

J. Varache, St Tropez, France

Terraformed Moon from Earth or Exo Solar

'Not a temporary fix'

I'd had two previous occasions of almost paralysing pain from a sudden onset frozen shoulder so when it hit again I was resigned to having the doctor put me on Tramadol and several weeks with a chiropractor.

My husband suggested I book a session with Megan as she had previously helped him with pain and anxiety issues. I was open to any option rather than taking heavy-duty pain medication again.

Megan spent two hours with me, in all giving me three 20 minute sessions. My pain level starting out was a 10+/10, ( I was literally grey and nauseous with the pain) - after the first session the pain was down to 7/10, after session two it was down to 4/10 and after session three, incredibly – the pain was gone – I mean completely gone!! I have never experienced anything quite like it. Thankfully it hasn’t been just a temporary fix - it’s been several months now and neither the condition nor the pain has returned. She is pretty impressive!

G. Arregui, Vidauban, France

Terraformed Moon from Earth or Exo Solar

Thank you just isn’t enough!

I will preface this by saying that before experiencing my first session with Megan I was a sceptic, open to the experience for sure, but still sceptical. This is certainly no longer the case.

During the sessions I feel a deep sense of calm. My hands, arms and shoulders have for many years been a source of constant ache and often really quite intense pain; the least of my issues being arthritis and a worn-out rotor cuff.

During Megan's healing sessions I feel the intensity of her energy targeting these areas, it feels as if it is coming in waves……… with eyes closed I regularly see curtains of bright colours moving and swirling. Often my hands and arms lift high in the air which is completely involuntarily, I’ve learned to just ‘go with the flow’ when it happens. After the sessions the moving energy feeling stays with me for several hours and often for days. I have regular distance or ‘in person’ sessions with her and she gives me pain-free flexibility in my hands, arms and shoulders. Just to be able to clench my hand, hold work tools and be fully functional again without having to take pain medication has been incredible for me as well as the relief I have from my occasional anxiety problems. Thank you just isn’t enough!

A. Arregui, Vidauban, France

Terraformed Moon from Earth or Exo Solar

'A truly gifted young lady'

My blood pressure pills weren't really working and the doctor said to take the stress out of my life (yeah right)! My wife heard that Megan was staying with our neighbour for a couple of days and suggested we try to get an appointment. I'm not one to go for 'hippy-dippy' stuff but I knew it would keep Shirley happy and it all ended up being a bit of an eye-opener for an old boy like me. I had 3 sessions in one day and the relaxation was a happy surprise, my blood pressure came down to normal within the first two sessions and generally has stayed there. It still hovers higher if I get really stressed at the office but usually it remains stable - and Megan gave me some suggestions on how to find that 'relaxed place' again when I need it. I just wish she lived next door.

J&S Bailey, Surrey

Terraformed Moon from Earth or Exo Solar
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