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Megan Ferguson

Energy Therapy & Healing

            About Megan

Megan has been energy healing for a few family members and friends since she was nine years old, instinctively learning to use her natural ability to balance and manipulate the human body's energy fields and vibrational levels. Her sessions offer deep relaxation, therapy and healing.

Having experienced serious health issues in her teenage years, Megan has acquired a very personal understanding of the difficulties caused by ill-health; she has natural empathy and a strong desire to help alleviate the pain and discomfort of others.

More recently she has begun to work as a professional energy therapist and healer - with exceptional results. She is booked both locally and internationally by clients who initially 'came to try' and have 'stayed to heal'. Many now regularly book one of Megan's 'Well-Being' or 'Distance' sessions to maintain the inner balance and healing her previous treatments have given them.

Born with this ability, Megan directs powerful healing energies throughout the body to raise the patient's cellular vibrational level, allowing the body to find it's natural balance and begin to heal. During this process patients frequently experience unusual physical phenomena which, although a little disconcerting at first, are not uncomfortable and are indicative of a change in the patient's core energy - it is simply a step in their healing journey.

Megan believes that her abilities are based in the science of energy and are connected to the human body's natural vibrational levels. She is a strong advocate of contemporary medicine, believing that energy therapy is truly complimentary and works in perfect synergy with prescribed medical treatments. 



"What I have come to understand through my work is that before we are human beings, we are energy beings ~ and it is on this level that I connect with my clients"


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