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Megan Ferguson

Energy Therapy & Healing



Is it Science?

There is continuous, vigorous debate amongst professionals from the scientific, traditional medical and alternative therapy communities concerning the remarkable abilities many energy therapists display and the developing theory that these abilities are in fact rooted in science. Along with the huge strides made in technology due to research into the theories of quantum mechanics, many previously sceptical healthcare professionals are now considering that there is more to energy therapy than previously thought; that it is in fact a genuine healing modality, able to relieve symptoms and play an active role in patient recovery.

Certainly energy therapy is now recognised extensively as an effective complimentary healthcare treatment and in the United Kingdom more than 150 NHS hospitals and clinics offer various forms of energy therapy to their patients; similarly, thousands of medical facilities in the USA have energy therapists on staff as this type of holistic treatment becomes more integrated into their 'main-stream' healthcare services.

At the start of the 20th century, scientists believed that they understood all of the most fundamental principles of energy, time, space and the natural world. However, fascinating work within the field of Quantum Physics ultimately altered the scientific world's understanding of the basic precepts of Newtonian physics. Discoveries by Planck, Einstein, Bohr, Gieger etc, have been literally life-changing for mankind.

Because of Quantum Physics we have nuclear energy, computers and smartphones, the internet,  MRI machines in hospitals, GPS guidance and tracking systems and all types of laser technologies. ​Putting it very simply, what Quantum Physics has taught us is that 'energy equals matter', ( Einstein's famous e=mc2). The human body is a complex, quantum bio-physics machine and at a sub-atomic level the body is simply a mass of vibrating energy which is manifesting as a solid form - matter.

With the discovery of quantum entanglement and entrainment, quantum physicists have established that the energy fields of all living things are interactive - that one energy field is able to influence the vibratory rate of another - even over incredible distances. Current science does not yet fully understand all of the dynamics involved in achieving the positive results observed in patients during controlled energy therapy research trials but with a deepening understanding and knowledge within the field of quantum physics and quantum medicine, the practice of energy therapy which was previously dismissed - usually by minds more closed than open - as 'New Age' or 'Eastern Mysticism', is now finding a level of respect and acceptance within an expanding proportion of the medical community. 

Like to understand more about the weird and wonderful world of Quantum Physics?

The links below will take you to the fascinating BBC documentaries - 'The Secrets of Quantum Physics' - where one of Britain's leading physicists, Jim Al-Khalili, explains in layman's terms how quantum science, energy and quantum biology play a huge role in our everyday lives.



 The most effective energy therapists and healers seem to have a natural ability to maintain their own high vibrational  level whilst simultaneously working to induce a deep vibrational balance within the patient. 

        Megan is one of those naturally gifted healers.

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