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Becoming a Healer - My Story

When I was 9 years old I discovered that the light and colours I saw around people and objects were not, as I had previously thought, visible to everyone and that what I was seeing was nothing 'spooky' or weird, they were simply fields of electro-magnetic energy which some people inexplicably, have the ability to see with the naked eye. I am clearly one of those people

Perhaps at this point many parents would have headed for the nearest paediatrician or optician – thankfully I have a mother with an open and inquiring mind who, realising that I was seeing these auras every day and throughout the day, she began to look for information, not only reading the ‘Alternative/New Age’ theories but also the respected scientific research connected to this phenomenon, discovering along the way that auras can in fact be easily seen with the use of Kirlian photography.

Around the same time a UK documentary aired, examining the use of ‘alternative’ healers in several well-documented scientific studies relating to energy. The healers had been asked to work on a variety of plants and cereal crops as well as groups of hospitalised patients in various locations in the United States. Of the healers who had the most impressive results, many said they were frequently able to see auras naturally, seeming to indicate that people who see auras spontaneously may also have an ability to somehow beneficially effect the cell structure and growth of some living organisms. Science is still looking for many of the answers and research is actively ongoing.

With this information in mind my Mum decided to test to see if I had any type of ability. Unbeknownst to me she had spent that particular day with a persistent pain in her wrist and she saw it as an opportunity. So, giving me only the information that she had pain somewhere in her left arm she asked me to see if I was able to locate the painful area, on the assumption that if I had any ability I would go immediately to her wrist. I was however initially ‘pulled’ towards her ring finger (which I was unaware she had broken many years ago and which gave her occasional ‘twinges’ in cold weather). I continued to hover my hand a few inches above her arm moving it backwards and forwards to see if I could detect a ‘pull’ anywhere else and after a minute or two I was shouting - ‘Wow!! That is soooo cool’ ( please bear in mind I was only 9yr old at the time) !

I had just watched my entire hand being enveloped in a bright amethyst-coloured light with a column of the light going from my palm to my Mum’s wrist. I was seeing my own aura and it was showing me where I was supposed to heal. I was to quickly learn that this was the colour I would always see when I heal…………and little did I know that it would be the beginning of a fascinating journey.

I am grateful each day for the amazing people who came into my life in those early days and I’m especially thankful for a wonderful Scottish lady who is now an essential part of my family - she helped me take the first careful steps into understanding my ability, she taught me how to work with energy and gave me the confidence to begin to work on family and friends. I loved being able to ease pain and discomfort for people who needed relief and the process of helping people heal felt as natural to me as breathing – but there were challenges to come!

Entering my teenage years, school work and studies initially took priority and I was healing only on rare occasions. Eventually, as I struggled through several years of my own quite serious health issues, what I had learned about my gift as a child became a bit of a fond yet distant memory.

At 17, after a serious surgery, I became plagued by severe ‘ice-pick’ headaches followed by intense debilitating migraines that would confine me to a darkened bedroom, only able to leave it if wearing tinted swimming goggles. I saw several specialists for migraine, pain control etc with no real answers and the only treatment offered was to relieve the symptoms rather than deal with the cause. Even the very strong medications made little difference and my life became one of isolation, living in a darkened room taking heavy pain medications which often made me sleep 18 +hrs per day.

Completely ‘at her wits end’ and no longer knowing where to turn for help my Mum found one evening that a name ‘jumped into her head’. Matthew Manning. An astonishingly gifted healer whom an old friend of hers had mentioned once, many, many years ago. She quickly found Matthew's website and - even though she knew that the chances of getting an appointment with him were probably 'slim to none' - she sent off an email explaining my problem and asking for help. Although trying to remain hopeful she didn't really expect a reply as he is renowned worldwide and much in demand. She was stunned to receive a reply only 24 hours later, saying that Matthew would like to see me in 4 days time for sessions at his clinic. We were in the south of France and he was in Devon but without hesitation we packed our bags, booked the flights and quickly headed off to the beautiful village of Ashburton where Matthew works.

I am so thankful that such a gifted and humble healer was willing to use his precious time to work on me when I needed it so badly. Not only have I been 100% free of migraines and ‘ice-pick’ headaches since my sessions with Matthew 5 years ago, additionally during the third session on that first day of treatment, I had a bit of an ‘epiphany’ moment becoming instantly aware of the method I was supposed to use for future healing sessions. It was nothing that Matthew said to me during our sessions, it was simply a sort of ‘knowing’, accompanied by a swift and deep understanding that working as a healer was not only what I wanted to do – it was what I was meant to do. Quite simply, I know it is why I am here.

I immediately began to practice my healing again with incredibly positive results. I trialed a variety of techniques and visualisations, all the time using the knowledge I was given during the sessions with Matthew – which was to take the energy needed for my healing sessions, not from above me the way I had worked previously but instead to take it from the earth, pulling the energy up through my core.

In the intervening years I have learnt to 100% trust my intuition regarding the treatment of each individual client and my abilities have continued to develop. I am young with still so much to learn, there's a long road ahead of me and the exciting journey has just begun.

A fairly large proportion of my life so far has been filled with unexpected and certainly unwanted physical challenges - but however unpleasant and difficult those trials have been, ultimately they led me to Matthew Manning, to finding fulfilment in being who I am meant to be and in doing what I am meant to do - so in the words of my favourite Hogwart’s philosopher, Albus Dumbledore :

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times.....if one only remembers to turn on the light"!



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